Reviewing the new McDonalds products one bite at a time

Festive Menu 2012

It’s Christmas at McDonalds and here is the new festive line-up launched today:
The Winter Warmer with Tomato & Red Pepper Sauce

100% beef patty topped with bacon and layered with smoked cheese, Batavia lettuce, cool mayo and tomato and red pepper sauce, all within a cheese topped bun.




The Chicken Celebration with smooth Festive Relish

Crispy golden chicken breast fillet with cheese, red onions, crisp Batavia lettuce, smooth festive relish and cool mayo, all within a sesame topped bun.


For Your Side…


Cheese Melt Dippers

Four breaded cheese dippers made with Camembert, served with a Festive Tomato Dip.

Please leave your thoughts in the comments, what are you most excited about.


And for dessert…


A crispy pie with an orange flavour chocolate filling.




Soft dairy ice cream with delicious chocolate and fudge pieces and swirled with chocolate toffee sauce.


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Wispa Mcflurrys

So a couple of days ago McDonald’s released their Olympic range of food. So I took on the Mcflurrys, they have the Wispa and Wispa gold Mcflurrys (see what they did there…) they have definitely had the Wispa Mcflurry before so it’s not really a great choice.


I got myself a Wispa and Wispa gold in hopes they’d be something different but as Wispa gold is only Wispa with caramel there’s nothing more to expect.

I liked the chocolate sauce in the Wispa Mcflurry it made it a little less bland but unfortunately the Wispa bits being very small you couldn’t tell it was bubbly really and it seemed a lot blander than a normal piece of chocolate. The Wispa gold was the same really but I prefer the chocolate sauce to the caramel sauce.

Overall again it wasn’t a great choice but it is the first Wispa gold Mcflurry so they could say its different? Bring back fudge brownie is all I say!


Twix McFlurry – Football Mania

So not a great photo I admit but they didn’t have a Twix McFlurry tub?!? Very disappointed!

When I first thought about getting this McFlurry I thought it was going to be a bit boring and basic. With just chocolate covered biscuit and caramel sauce.

I was very much shocked when I saw the caramel sauce with a darken touch to it so I instantly assumed it was also chocolaty. Which it was!

The caramel sauce was very sweet but with a hint of chocolate in it, it was just right. I also had a feeling the biscuit was going to be a bit soft I was wrong again and it was lovely and crunchy.

Although it didnt really resemble a twix it still had the twix features. It was good but at the end of the day nothing hugely special.

Due to that fact I’m going to give it a kind 7/10

Fairly enjoyable but no WOW factor really



UPDATE : The Tub


McFlurry – McDonalds Taste of America – 2012

Original Chocolate Fudge Brownie McFlurry 2012

Original Chocolate Fudge Brownie McFlurry 2012

So Taste Of America is ending and we will soon see the next promotion that McDonalds will be giving us.

I’ve given the fudge brownie mcflurry a few tries now and thought it was time that I expressed my views.

Being a renowned lover of everything fudge brownie it had a lot to live up to, especially as it is usually Oreo mcflurry at this time of year (which is my 2nd favorite mcflurry behind the amazing creme egg).

The flurry is relatively simple really, just ice cream, brownie and chocolate fudge sauce. Despite this it is very nice I thought.

The brownies have a very nice texture and are the right balance between crunchy and soft. And with an extra helping of chocolate fudge sauce this is a very nice after meal treat.

It’s gone to joint 2nd favorite mcflurry with Oreo now and is getting and highly rated 8/10 come back next year please!


The pimped Brownie/Oreo McFlurry

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Starburst Milkshake

So here is the second review of the ‘Taste of America’ series at McDonalds. So here it is the Starburst milkshake.

When i first saw this being advertised at McDonalds I was very intrigued to see what it was like! Being that it was only mixed berry it was the mixture between strawberry and blackurrant (I was glad being that they’re my favourite flavours of the Starburst range)

So I purchased a few of them and gave them a try!

It had a very pale violet cream colour. Unfortunately all of the ones I have tried so far haven’t been very thick which is shame as I think that’s one of the best parts of the McDonald’s shakes. It had a very strong flavour of the newer flavourings of Starburst with hints of floral flavours and even at times parma violets. It has a very lasting flavour that you can still taste a few minutes later down the line.

After letting my brother ‘The Bear’ try it we decided that it was probably in the range of 7/10

I must say it was very nice and is a welcome addition to the McDonalds roster. It’s a shame that it won’t be around past the four weeks!

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