Reviewing the new McDonalds products one bite at a time

The Orange Flavour Chocolate Pie

on December 4, 2012

So you may have slightly noticed that there hasn’t been any post about desserts recently… Well there is a very good reason for that…

I feel McDonalds were taking the easy options by picking boring promotional desserts E.g. Rolo milkshake and KitKat McFlurry. I mean you can’t just take a random chocolate item, stick it in some ice cream, throw either chocolate or caramel sauce in and expect people to think it’s a good idea. So out of protest for lack of originality I decided I wouldn’t review anything until McDonalds done something original or a little bit more out of the box.

That’s why when I saw that they were doing this pie I was happy. Now when I go to McDonalds I never have an apple pie. For one, I don’t really categorize it as a pie, since when do pies really come like that?


I took a bite out of it to find that it was nothing like what I was expecting at all. I was thinking it would have a terry’s chocolate orange type of taste, so the orange wasn’t to overpowering. I was wrong!

What I actually got was a lot of a horrible orange flavour and no taste of chocolate whatsoever. So from this I was extremely disappointed, there was so much potential. I just see how they can really call it a chocolate pie when it doesn’t taste like chocolate!

So despite it being poor I’m McDonalds thought outside the box!







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