Reviewing the new McDonalds products one bite at a time

Wispa Mcflurrys

on July 13, 2012

So a couple of days ago McDonald’s released their Olympic range of food. So I took on the Mcflurrys, they have the Wispa and Wispa gold Mcflurrys (see what they did there…) they have definitely had the Wispa Mcflurry before so it’s not really a great choice.


I got myself a Wispa and Wispa gold in hopes they’d be something different but as Wispa gold is only Wispa with caramel there’s nothing more to expect.

I liked the chocolate sauce in the Wispa Mcflurry it made it a little less bland but unfortunately the Wispa bits being very small you couldn’t tell it was bubbly really and it seemed a lot blander than a normal piece of chocolate. The Wispa gold was the same really but I prefer the chocolate sauce to the caramel sauce.

Overall again it wasn’t a great choice but it is the first Wispa gold Mcflurry so they could say its different? Bring back fudge brownie is all I say!


2 responses to “Wispa Mcflurrys

  1. DTS says:

    In addition to being bland the chocolate bits are also quite dry. If you don’t get enough sauce these are difficult to eat (I remember the Whisper from previous years) . I’d have liked a “gold” McFlurry that was either Caramac and Caramel sauce or crunchy pieces and caramel sauce.

    Overall I thought the whole Olympics Range is a bit of a let down. Review of the burger to follow!!

  2. DTS says:

    By crunchy I mean “Crunchie” – Cadbury’s honeycomb thingy

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