Reviewing the new McDonalds products one bite at a time

My Journey to Spain

on July 7, 2012

So I took a short weeks break to Spain so obviously I had to go to a McDonald’s to check what things they get that we don’t! As per the usual English style we have hardly anything in comparison to anyone in the world.

I went to two McDonald’s while I was over there so the first one I went to there were to burgers that seemed to be promotional burgers called the ‘NYcrispy’ and the ‘CBO Burger’. The NYCrispy I’m pretty sure was just the same as the New Yorker from the taste of America selection in England. The CBO burger was a pretty simple concept of a chicken, bacon and onion burger.

I later found out that when I visited the first McDonald’s they didn’t actually have a promotion on at the time. I visited one in Palma airport that had started their new promotion for Olympics. They had 3 new burgers, the Chicken Gold, Bacon Spirit and the Beef Passion.  They all had different buns to the regular buns. The beef passion had crisped peppers in it with salsa, bacon and mayo. The chicken gold had the same sort of idea with the salsa and the bacon but has a sauce that looks either like a cheese sauce or mustard. Honestly looking at the bacon spirit I couldn’t see anything really different from the beef passion bar the fact it had caramelized onions.

Other savory food options they had were things like the alternative the chicken mayo which had BBQ sauce instead of mayo. They had 3 different types of the McWrap, they had chicken and bacon, a grilled Cesar and and the beef supreme.

The next different product they had were the ‘Alitas De Pollo’  these were basically just chicken wings with your pick of dipping sauces.

Over in Spain they had several different desserts. Their standard McFlurrys were fairly different to ours over here. They had the usual Smarties McFlurry followed by Peanut M&M’s, Oreo and KitKat McFlurry. Every one came with lots of chocolate sauce or they even asked you  if you wanted caramel sauce instead which i thought was a nice perk.

We went for the KitKat McFlurry
Wasn’t very well stirred unfortunately


They had some strange different desserts in this little cabinet. They had Philadelphia Cheesecake?! a coulant by Nocilla and Tarta by Oreo. They also had some milka products, a milka doughnut and a milka muffin. I thought I’d get the Oreo tarta, it was very strange  to say the least with crushed oreos on top and a cross between yoghurt and oreo fondant in the middle. It wasn’t I admit!

So these are just some of the little extras that Spain get in comparison from us!





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