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Chicken Maestro – Football Mania @ McDonalds

on June 12, 2012


So I done a double try today. Checked out the twix McFlurry and the chicken maestro.

The chicken burger itself is different from the McChicken Sandwich as it’s bigger and has a more southern fried feel to it. To go with it, it has Garlic and Herb Mayo, tomato and crunchy lettuce. The bun is also square shaped with a herb that seems a lot like rosemary from the smell on top.

The burger was a lot like the chicken legend but I would say it had a small amount of more spice. This spice is let down a bit by the cooling garlic and herb mayo. It had nice fairly crunchy lettuce In the burger with a simple slice of tomato.

This felt a lot like the chicken legend and really i didn’t get the need for the addition of this burger. Really it was only ok. And honestly I didn’t see why they put the herbs on top as it didn’t really help the burger and the smell was actually a little bit overpowering while eating it. The only reason I can think they done it was because they wanted to make it different from the legend.

After trying it with my friend Luke he felt same and felt it was actually fairly pointless.

This gets a disappointing 5/10. Try again McDonalds



4 responses to “Chicken Maestro – Football Mania @ McDonalds

  1. mcmunchings says:

    Another great post J-Money. Funnily enough I quite enjoyed it, the bun reminded me of Subway’s hearty Italian, but then maybe as I don’t have the chicken burgers much I can’t compare it tot he others. still I gave it 7/10.

  2. yertlethetertle says:

    True True, I just found it fairly pointless to be fair, not much different from the legend really which is silly really

  3. mcmunchings says:

    I’ve never had the Legend, but if it is similar I will probably like it. My one had hardly any Mayo in it though.

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