Reviewing the new McDonalds products one bite at a time

Cheese & Bacon Striker – Football Mania @ McDonalds

on June 10, 2012
  • 100% Beef patty
  • Big Tasty cheese
  • Bacon
  • Batavia lettuce
  • Cheese sauce
  • Sesame topped bun.



The first thing I notice about this burger is the bun, is it me or does it look like a football?

That said I think the bun shape adds a bit more texture to the burger and the lettuce is a bit bigger than usual and quite crunchy which I like.

Big Tasty Cheese is always a plus, it creamy and more mature than the usual stuff, the one thing I couldn’t quite decide on was the cheese sauce – to me it was a little vinegary but hey maybe that’s your thing? Like the Big Tasty I found the bacon a bit superfluous and almsot couldn’t tell it was there.

Overall a good range of texture and flavours, rather filling and enjoyable to eat. It ranks among the middle of the Taste of America Range giving it a respectable:



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