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McFlurry – McDonalds Taste of America – 2012

on May 30, 2012
Original Chocolate Fudge Brownie McFlurry 2012

Original Chocolate Fudge Brownie McFlurry 2012

So Taste Of America is ending and we will soon see the next promotion that McDonalds will be giving us.

I’ve given the fudge brownie mcflurry a few tries now and thought it was time that I expressed my views.

Being a renowned lover of everything fudge brownie it had a lot to live up to, especially as it is usually Oreo mcflurry at this time of year (which is my 2nd favorite mcflurry behind the amazing creme egg).

The flurry is relatively simple really, just ice cream, brownie and chocolate fudge sauce. Despite this it is very nice I thought.

The brownies have a very nice texture and are the right balance between crunchy and soft. And with an extra helping of chocolate fudge sauce this is a very nice after meal treat.

It’s gone to joint 2nd favorite mcflurry with Oreo now and is getting and highly rated 8/10 come back next year please!


The pimped Brownie/Oreo McFlurry


One response to “McFlurry – McDonalds Taste of America – 2012

  1. mcmunchings says:

    Nice work J Money I found the sweet spot was to crumble a little Oreo Cookie (49p from Tesco) into the top of my McFlurry.

    I thought it was disappointing that my local McD ran out of Brownie McFlurry half way through week 4!

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