Reviewing the new McDonalds products one bite at a time

Starburst Milkshake

on May 9, 2012

So here is the second review of the ‘Taste of America’ series at McDonalds. So here it is the Starburst milkshake.

When i first saw this being advertised at McDonalds I was very intrigued to see what it was like! Being that it was only mixed berry it was the mixture between strawberry and blackurrant (I was glad being that they’re my favourite flavours of the Starburst range)

So I purchased a few of them and gave them a try!

It had a very pale violet cream colour. Unfortunately all of the ones I have tried so far haven’t been very thick which is shame as I think that’s one of the best parts of the McDonald’s shakes. It had a very strong flavour of the newer flavourings of Starburst with hints of floral flavours and even at times parma violets. It has a very lasting flavour that you can still taste a few minutes later down the line.

After letting my brother ‘The Bear’ try it we decided that it was probably in the range of 7/10

I must say it was very nice and is a welcome addition to the McDonalds roster. It’s a shame that it won’t be around past the four weeks!


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