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The Texas BBQ Burger – Taste of America – Week One

on May 5, 2012

So Taste of America is back, each week in the month of May there will be a different “guest” burger inspired by some geographical location in the USA. These are accompanied by cross-cut “waffle” chips a Fudge Brownie McFlurry and a Starburst Milkshake.

First up to bat is the Texas BBQ Burger:


  • Oval 100% beef patty
  • Bacon
  • Sticky BBQ sauce
  • Crispy onions
  • Shredded lettuce
  • Cheese slices
  • Served in a sesame topped bun


What does it taste like?

The first thing that’s noticeable is that the burger is a bit too big for the bun and so it can be a bit messy to eat.

There is a good texture with the crunchy inion and lettuce soft cheese and saucy BBQ.

There’s nothing that special about the burger or cheese but they are still enjoyable.

The BBQ sauce is a nice addition and goes well with the salty, smoky bacon.

Overall this is not a bad start  to the range but I think that the best is yet to come.



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